whither logic!?

Facts are undeniable. The truth of a fact exists whether or not you like it, and it remains true even if it doesn't fit your argument. The argument must evolve to fit the fact. They're handy little things if you want to avoid being - you know - wrong. Lately I've...

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value of a new customer

How much is a new customer worth to you? On average, I mean. Not just a single transaction, but over the course of a year, let's say... read more

you get what you pay for

'Free' websites? It's a little like providing access to a sewing machine, and saying 'free suits'. Afterall, there's no skill involved in sewing/tailoring, right? It's not like experience or training or talent matters. Anyone can just pound out a suit, right? read more

it’s a google world

Google has great tools: Make and store your documents, run your calendar, put all your email addresses in the gmail app, keep your photos archived, backup to Google Drive, there's a long list of useful things, but most useful of all is search. read more

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