Let’s quickly get this out of the way: Nobody uses that actual yellow book. Nobody. Furthermore, everyone with a business phone number gets a free basic listing, and that’s exactly what it’s worth.

As for the online directory version, well… it’s similarly bleak. People overwhelmingly use Google to find and browse businesses, and they don’t want a search result to yet another directory. Searchers just want the organic results – actual business websites. Because that was what they were looking for, in the first place.

So, yes, that yellow thing is a complete waste of your marketing dollars. A very expensive waste, too. A listing in their directory will range from $600-$2500 or more, every year. And, for still thousands more, you can buy a third-rate, template website from them. You really, really deserve better.

We’ll do it right, and cover all the bases for you.

Bottom line: For a similar price, your business could have a proper, professionally designed website, with careful attention paid to all the details – a quality look & feel, with a layout carefully and strategically designed to convert the viewer into a customer, search engine optimized, Google maps, local settings and analytics, all looked after. It’s just head-and-shoulders better.

Advertising is an exercise in cost/benefit: Sub-standard advertising will just cost. Good advertising will generate new business revenue.

Let’s discuss your vision, and create something that properly represents the quality of your business.

Let’s get you started. 2018 is just around the corner – make it a year for change and growth!