You can do your website yourself, and save money?
Yup, you can, and it will consume countless hours of your time, and you’ll curse and pull your hair out, and it still won’t look right, and something will be broken, and you won’t know why, or how to fix it. And it will look like you’re cheap and didn’t care enough to do it right.

But it looks good enough to me, on my computer.
Really? That’s great! Did you check it on your phone? Your tablet? Your laptop? All your customers various devices too? There are many dozens of different screen sizes, and each one of them will change your layout, and absolutely ruin all your hard work. And another thing – “good enough” isn’t good enough. Business is serious, and your website is your most valuable digital asset. If it’s done right, it will generate revenue, but if it’s done poorly, it will actually deter people from doing business with you.

Okay, but at least I’m on the web, so thousands of people will find me.
Well, not really. Google indexes websites based on a whole lot of criteria. Poor quality design and bad code, like what’s used in DIY site builders, is a big black mark to Google. And then there’s Search Engine Optimization. And Secure Socket layer. And site operational maintenance. And analytics. And professional graphics work, and, and, and…

Wow! That’s a lot. I don’t have time for all that.
Now you’re getting it. Yes, it’s a complex job for full-time professionals, and we spend all of our time doing all of these things for our clients, so that their websites are successful, properly reflecting the quality of their businesses. We’ll look after everything for you.

But I saved money!
Did you? How much revenue did your website produce for you? Now imagine what a professionally designed site would do for your bottom line. “Saving money” by missing out on revenue isn’t really saving money at all.

Talk to us. Let’s do it right.