How much is a new customer worth to you?

On average, I mean. Not just a single transaction, but over the course of a year, let’s say…

If you’re a restaurant owner, maybe a single new customer spends $500 in a year. Or, if you run a tourism operation like a hotel/motel or rental accommodation, maybe a new customer spends $1000 or more, in a year. The point is, a new customer is new revenue.

Now, imagine it’s 365 new customers.

New customers are looking for you, every single day, using Google on their phones. If you’re not found, or if your website looks bad, those new customers are going to your competition. It’s just that simple.

Even word-of-mouth customers who were referred – still – the very first thing they do is Google you, and that’s what their impression is. If it looks bad, they won’t call, but they’ll call the next result that does look good, because now they’re looking. Your referral just became someone else’s new customer.

Your website is your front line staff

A good website is like having both a local and international sales force at a tiny fraction of the cost. There are no vacations, no benefits plans or sick days, no weekends, no off-time at all – your (website) sales force just sells for you, all day & all night, all of the time.

But, like any employee, your website needs to be properly presented, articulate and professional. You wouldn’t tolerate a sloppy employee. Your business suffers, if your representative looks bad.

Is your website portraying your business properly? Because that’s what your potential new customers are seeing. You can control their perception. Do it well.