Google has great tools: Make and store your documents, run your calendar, put all your email addresses in the gmail app, keep your photos archived, backup to Google Drive, there’s a long list of useful things, but most useful of all is search.

Virtually all search is done with Google, and the rest pick up from Google, so – basically – Google owns the web. They make the rules, and following the rules is the only way to get great search engine positioning.

Many web design & seo ‘experts’ make false promises. We’ve all gotten the spam emails – “Get on first page of Google”. They try to circumvent, trick Google’s algorithm, take shortcuts, but – in the end – Google weeds out the cheaters. And proper thing.

The only way search results are useful to a user, is if they can be relied upon to be relevant, quality results. So that’s what we do, and you should too. It’s referred to as “white-hat seo”, meaning it’s done with integrity. And anyway – ultimately, it works better.

Play by Google’s rules, and your site positioning will improve. Period. It’s about doing the work – crafting relevant content, properly configuring meta tags, image tags, maps input, business details corrected and updated, and then track it all – review, tweak, and repeat.

Love them or hate them, it’s irrelevant. If you want website success, it’s a Google world.