‘Free’ websites? It’s a little like providing access to a sewing machine, and saying ‘free suits’. Afterall, there’s no skill involved in sewing/tailoring, right? It’s not like experience or training or talent matters. Anyone can just pound out a suit, right?

Yeah, wear that suit to your business meeting, tomorrow. I dare you!

Of course that’s ridiculous. Perception is reality, and being well-presented in front of your customers is a crucial aspect to establishing trust. Prospective clients make snap judgements – we all do, subconsciously, at least. We can all differentiate based on quality, very quickly. Cheap work always looks cheap. It diminishes your business image, and damages your credibility.

Business is serious, and presentation matters: A clean, professionally designed logo; A well designed website that reaches your prospective audience on their terms – when they search on their phones; Professional artwork and language that’s carefully crafted to capture your prospective customer’s attention and influence their buying decision. You want them to buy now, and buy from you!

Advertising is both art and science. Yes, it has to please the eye, but it also has to stimulate the mind, strategically guide the reader, and trigger action. Advertising is a profession, and doing things professionally means doing them well, so that they reap results. Good advertising generates revenue.

The fact is, you get what you pay for. I’m never wearing a homemade suit!